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20 Unique ‘Something Blues’ For Your Wedding Day

“Something blue” represents purity and tranquility. It’s a unique approach to having a wedding different from the ordinary.

You can incorporate “something blue” ideas in your footwear, gown, or jewelry. Whatever choice you make, remember to keep it light-hearted and fun. Having “something blue” at your wedding shouldn’t be an issue to stress over.

1. A Garter
Many brides are today going for a pale blue garter worn under the wedding dress. It’s a simple way to have “something blue” on their big day.

2. Full Outfit
The tradition is for brides to wear a white gown and shoes. You can change this by choosing a subtle shade of blue. The rules are not cast on stone.

3. Flower Gals
Do something creative about your flower girls. You could dress them up in a shade of blue or have them wear a halo of dried hydrangea.

4. Bridesmaids Convertible Dresses
Your bridal team would be more than happy to help with picking “something blue” for this big day. You could ask them to wear blue convertible dresses that they can style in different designs.

5. A One-of-a-Kind Wedding Dress
Instead of having a gown with embroidery details, go for something different. For example, look for one with a floral design. The idea is to have a shade of blue incorporated on the dress.

6. Blue Velvet
Let your groom break from the tradition of black outfit. A navy blue velvet jacket paired up with a light blue shirt will stand out. Complete the look with a gray-blue bow tie, ribbon-wrapped boutonniere, and pocket square.

7. Blue Pants
If a blue velvet jacket doesn’t go down well with your groom, show him off in a pair of blue pants. A matching bow tie will bring out a new unique look.

8. Lace-Up His Shoes
Your groom can help pull off the “something blue” idea without much effort. Go for a pair of shoes that can be laced up with blue laces. The Azazie Company can help you in choosing the best quality shoes.

9. Dress Up Your Pet
Well, not literally but let your puppy be part of your big day. A good idea is to dress him in a blue bow tie and let him witness you walking down the aisle.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”5″][vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”5″][vc_column_text]10. Arrive in Style
This is about the car that drives you into the wedding venue. An excellent place to start would be to hire a vintage baby blue Morris Minor Traveller. Alternatively, have the car you use adorned with a floral garland that includes blue blooms.

11. Something Blue in Your Mom
You could be in white from head to toe and can’t seem to incorporate something blue. Your mom can do it for you. Ask her to wear a blue dress, and you’ll both be wearing smiles without a doubt.

12. Your Ring Box
This is a vintage idea you’ll fall in love with at the first thought of it. A blue ring box endowed with something golden on the top will do the trick.

13. Use Your Monogram
An embroidered label with your monogram and date of the wedding can be sewn on your gown. Although this is formal and traditional, it brings out the “something blue” idea perfectly.

14. Sapphire Rings
Apart from your engagement and wedding ring, you can accessorize with another ring on the other hand. A sapphire-and-diamond ring will help reflect the “something blue” theme in a subtle way.

15. Silk Blue Ribbons
You may not have a flair for blue flowers but still want to have something blue in your bouquet. Incorporate this in the ribbons that tie the bouquet together.

Something blue for your wedding day

16. Dress in Blue
Both you and your groom can decide to be dressed in all blue. Your man could go for a navy suit while you skip the white gown for an inky blue wedding dress.

17. Dad in Blue
Gift your dad with “something blue” that he can wear on your wedding day. A blue hand-painted bow tie can be paired up with a pair of blue shoes.

18. A preppy Touch
Create a wrap of monogrammed swath around your bouquet. For a more modern style, use polka dots or blue ikat print.

19. Unique Footwear
At some point during or after the ceremony, you’ll want to change into more comfortable footwear. You’ll hardly go wrong with icy blue sandals.

20. Blue Sisters
Your “something blue” could come in the form of your sisters. Let them dress in pale blue halter-necked dresses like those from the Azazie Company.

Final Thoughts

Planning for your wedding day is a lot of fun, especially if you can incorporate unique ideas. “Something blue” is one among those themes you’d want to embrace. It brings out the tranquility and purity of your big day.

The ideas you can use are vast, and professionals can help you in making that decision.

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